Document Uploads

In order for the vFedCon team to setup your vBooth we will require you to upload the following documents and images to your personalized DropBox folder.

Please make sure to get these documents uploaded as soon as possible so we can get you setup in the system.

  1. Company Logo High-resolution. (.JPG, .PNG or .JPEG)
  2. Company Capabilities Statement [max 2 pages] (preferred in PDF or .docx format)
  3. Handout relevant to your session [max 4 handouts] (preferred in PDF or .docx format)
[outofthebox dir="/virtual industry day/client folder/1 - vendor room" account="dbid:AAB8eUJS3eT1qWdo-Jm8qQR12fi5IZaaMCs" mode="files" viewrole="administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|pending|guest" userfolders="auto" downloadrole="all" upload="1" upload_folder="0" uploadrole="all" ]