Hosting Your vBooth

Your vBooth will be accessed via GoToMeeting because has better controls and flexibility when in larger groups.  There is a lot of flexibility with sharing and swapping screens, sharing webcams and providing a great interactive environment to highlight your company’s capabilities. Remember your Giveaways! Your meetings will be recorded, all attendees contact information will be collected so you can review all of the conversations and develop effective follow-ups. GoToMeeting provides full control of video and audio including a mute function of attendees. This is important as the number of people grow as un-muted mics become incredibly challenging with feedback. One more great feature of your vBooth is you have a record of all attendees and their interactions – including video. This is great for managing attendance and participation as well as support your follow-up efforts after the event.

Best Practices for vBooth Set-Up

You will have people coming to your vBooth unmuted or on a noisy phone connection.

Someone must be assigned who understands the mute technology for people who are new to virtual meeting rooms or just don’t get it. Sometimes it is hard for attendees to know that they are the one that is causing the problem so having someone with the ability to run herd over the meeting is important – especially when you get more than 10 people in your vBooth at the same time.

How To Mute and Unmute Attendees

By default, all attendees are automatically muted when they join the webinar.

  • To mute or unmute a single attendee, click the Audio icon next to their name. Green icons represent unmuted attendees, while orange icons represent muted attendees.
  • To mute or unmute all attendees, click the Mute All or Unmute All icons at the bottom of the Attendees pane.
  • REMEMBER- You might not see who it is causing the problem, especially if they coming in on the phone. Quickly clicking “Mute All” will save everyone a lot of annoying feedback.

Note: If an organizer attempts to unmute attendees who have muted themselves, the attendees will be prompted to be automatically unmuted or to remain muted.

As a vBooth vendor you are required to have giveaways that do not exceed $25 because they are legal for federal employees and they are best way to keep people engaged and make you look good.  Look at it this way… You are saving hundreds if not thousands on hotel and travel – put that money into your giveaways so people remember you!

What giveaways work? Anything and the more the better… Want ideas?

Books on Amazon (send as a gift)
Starbucks gift cards
Other gift cards

IMPORTANT: If you have physical giveaways (like trade show promotions) you will receive instructions where to send them so they can be sent to attendees in the vFedCon grab bag.

Your vBooth will be accessed and managed via GoToMeeting. You will need to Download GoToMeeting and install the app on your computer.

Need help?

Please contact Global Customer Support at 1 888 259 8414 (direct dial +1 805 617 7002), or visit GoToMeeting’s online support center at

Check and Increase your internet speed to the highest your provider will get you.  Some areas are up to gigabit speed. Anything down to 10MB should work (test here but you will have to tell your co-domesticators (aka your kids) to lay off the live games and video streaming while you are on your meeting. 

If you can, connect directly to your modem or router via ethernet cable. You might need a usb to ethernet dongle or dock and yes, it is a little inconvenient, but it removes one obstacle of connectivity if your wireless cannot deliver the bandwidth.

You can use your laptop, but if you can get decent webcam like the Logitech C920 series you can make adjustments and provide a better video experience. Normally you can pick one up for less than $75 ( but with the crazy virtual craze, they are going for $250+ right now.

Consider getting a USB mics. I use the Blue Yeti and for about $130 (, it does the trick. Blue has the Snowball for around $50 and it works well too. The cool thing about the Yeti is you control audio input level and headphone level right on the mic.

If you are running from a laptop, use your ear pods and a mic so you can restrict some of the background noise.

Lighting really matters. Position yourself where you have a good lighting source on your face. If you are in front of a window, you are going to look like a silhouette. null Ask people how your lighting looks and make sure you try different things, even grabbing a desk lamp (or two) and point them at your face. If you can, pick up a few LED panels and stands so you can position the lights and even light your background. They are pretty cheap, I got mine for under $350 and they have a ton of brightness and temperature controls. (

Everyone will be looking around behind you so be aware of your background and make sure it looks good and relays what you are interested in. It is always great to see family pics, books and company logos.

Set up the camera so it is eye level. Looking up your nose (as attractive as that might be) probably isn’t your best look and neither is looking down on your bald spot… Set your laptop or webcam at as close to eye level as possible. If you need to, grab some books and raise the computer up so the camera is at eye level. Make sure it is stable so if you have to type, you can!

Remember where the camera is and imagine that is the eyes of the person you are talking to. This takes practice but really makes a difference. If you have to look at your screen while talking, practice glancing down and returning your eye to the camera. Put the other people’s video feeds or your presentation towards the top of your screen if you can. This will help you look more into the camera when they are talking. Not perfect, but hey, we are all in an imperfect situation right now anyway!

If you want to know what people expect from experts, take a look at how they dress on CNN, Fox News or ESPN. Never underestimate the power of a nice tie and sport coat. You can have your personality but better dressed people get more respect. Nice logo’d apparel works well too. 

A boring trade show booth or death by PowerPoint doesn’t have to be you! This whole lockdown thing has a lot of people on edge and you can help facilitate making the best of the circumstances. Getting close to the camera, making funny faces, doing disappearing acts and just plain cracking up transmits well in the virtual environment.  Be real and act as if the people you are meeting are friends already…